• 9102 48 Hours

      Hangzhou BITRUN Hackathon

      4.19—— 4.21

    • About BITRUN Hackathon

      BITRUN Details

      BITRUN Hackathon is a Hackathon brand aimed at gathering computer engineers and business elites in colleges and universities all around the world.The teams need to complete the planning and development of their works in the competition site during 48 hours, and display and evaluate their works on the spot.


      This event will bring together the excellent computer engineers and business elites, unite domestic and foreign blockchain technology development team and the top of blockchain investment company. BITRUN will provide technical and material support during the event, finally through the industry pundits, well-known CTO of blockchain companies,partners of international capitals, those superior teams and works would be chosen. Excellent talents and projects can not only win high prize money, but also be favored by technology companies and capital teams, becoming the next unicorn in the blockchain industry.

      Event Details


      Place:Hangzhou · China


    • Event Highlights

      Blockchain Technology Support

      Professionals with blockchian technology, point-to-point communication technology, cryptography, computer security and finance backgrounds will escort the event

      Blockchain Development Tools

      Multi-language SDK package, dedicated competition chain, provide blockchain browser, blockchain wallet, smart contract IDE and other development tools

      Physical Commercial Applications

      Supporting a wide range of business application scenarios and can be applied to a wide range of industries including financial services, sharing economy, healthcare, retail, logistics, media and entertainment

    • Event Process


      Event Beign


      BITRUN Hackathon

      Registration Begins


      USTC Meetup


      University of Science and Technology of China


      FDU Meetup


      Fudan University


      STU Meetup


      ShanghaiTech University





      Development Ultimate

    • Event Rights

      First Prize

      Second Prize

      Third Prize

      Outstanding Works

      Other prize pool

      Incubation Program

    • Event Notices

      Matters Need Attention:

      1. Participants should bring their ID cards;

      2. Wi-fi is provided. Participants need to bring their own laptop and development software tools.

      3. Participants will be provided with sofa, a small number of sleeping bags, disposable toiletries and some other rest places and items. Participants are required to bring their own personal items.

      4. For this event, the organizer will reimburse the travel expenses for participants, the upper limit is RMB 1000/ person (the train is subject to the second-class seat, and the plane is subject to the economy class);

      5. During the competition, participants will be provided with meals, snacks and drinks during the whole process. In addition, other catering costs shall be borne by the participants themselves;

      6. If you have any other questions, send an email to bitrun@126.com, and BITRUN assistant will reply to you as soon as possible.

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